Group Breaks are one of the best ways to collect Sports Cards for a fraction of the cost of buying a case/box.


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Honesty and Integrity

  • Our number one goal is to provide excellent customers with the best experience possible.  

  • The boxes will be presented as sealed directly on the camera.  They will be opened and never leave site of the camera throughout the break of the box.

Card Handling

  • We will make sure to handle the cards in a professional manner.

  • Some cards may not come out of the pack perfect Gem Mints, but we do our best to carefully open each pack and set cards down gently on a clean surface.

  • Gloves are worn for each break.

Timing of Breaks

  • When a break is full on a weekday, we will break it that night. On the weekend we will break boxes as soon as they sell out.  For example, if a box sells out the night of a live break, we will break it that night.  If a break sells out on a night, we are not breaking we will break that box on the next night that we are having a live break.

All Breaks are Held LIVE!!

  • Teams are randomized live when full at our Facebook group, YouTube channel and page.

  • You will receive all cards from your team (Autos, Mem, Base Stars, Inserts) unless otherwise noted on a particular break product page. The breaker will announce in the video what is being shipped as well.

Styles of Breaks

  • Team Break – Pick your Team at the listed price and you get all cards from your team. Prices vary per team

  • Random Break – All prices are same, and your purchase entitles you to one randomized team. Teams are randomized live using

  • Draft Style We random all names (purchases) and then on our forum one by one everyone picks their favorite team till it’s done.                                                                                       

  • Number Break- Some products have all cards numbered to 99 or less. A number break is a great way to get into a premium break at a lower cost where each spot will receive a set of numbers and if your number is on the card pulled you receive the card. (unless that team was already purchased, and a number break was used for the mini.)

  • Please notice these in the style of each group break.

Multi-Player & Misc. Cards

  • If a card has two players or more on it, all customers that have a team associated with the card will go into a random.  Example a 4-auto card comes out and it has the Bucks, Knicks, Lakers, and Raptors on the card.  The owners of those 4 teams will go into a dice roll.  The number(s) you are given is determined by the order the teams appear on the card (left to right, top to bottom).  We will then roll dice to see who wins. Example Bucks are 1, Knicks are 2, Lakers are 3 and Raptors are 4. If a 5 or 6 shows up, we will re-roll the dice.

  • In the event of a redemption card coming out we will refer to the checklist on the owner of the team that the card is associated to on the checklist will win the card.  

  • In the event the card is in a college uniform or NO NFL team logo is present we will go by the checklist on 

  • In the event the team on the card is no longer around (example the Houston Oilers) we will go by where the card is associated via checklist on  

  • In the event there is NO CHECKLIST available or the card is not on the checklist at at the time of the break we will then go to our safety net rule.  The safety net rule is the card will go to the team the player last played for.  

  • IF THERE IS NO PLAYER or TEAM on the card (example Panini Points) the card will be randomed to the ENTIRE BREAK regardless of the year and if it was later discovered what the card that came back from the redemption was. The number of times we do the random will be determined by dice roll. Whoever lands on top after the last random will win the card. 


  • At a minimum, Group Breaks are shipped out Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  This schedule may vary based on Postal Holidays.  We make every effort to ship all orders as quickly as possible.

  • First class US Domestic shipping is included free of any additional charges in the price of your break.

  • If you would like to purchase insurance or have your product shipped in a different way, please contact us as soon as possible at

  • We carefully package and ship the cards heavily protected in bubble mailers.

  • In the event that you are concerned about shipping times, do realize that sometimes the USPS has delays especially around holiday seasons and pandemics.

  • We cannot be held responsible for any mistakes or lost packages by USPS.



  • International shipping is extra. (except Canada)

  • Please check before claiming/buying spots for shipping cost. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND upgrading to USPS Priority Mail for ALL International Shipments.  An International Small Flat Rate Box (approx. $30-$35 USD) can usually fit most regular shipments. 

  • If you would like to pay to upgrade to USPS Priority, please send an email to:

Please note:

  • Once the USPS accepts a package from us, we cannot control the speed of delivery.

  • Once you receive your tracking number, if you have any questions regarding the status/movement/tracking of your package please call the USPS at 1 (800) 275-8777.

  • We are not responsible for packages that become lost while in the possession of the USPS.


  • There are no refunds whatsoever once the product has been opened.

  • The more spots you purchase in a break the better your chances are of getting a hit in the break!

  • There is a chance that your team will not receive any cards from the break.  Please don't purchase if you don't understand the process.


There will be no promoting or bashing of any other breaks of any kind in our Group or Break rooms.


Happy Breaking and thank you for being a customer!