eBay consignment is now available.


Our current rate for eBay is a flat 20%. eBay/PayPal take in the range of 13% leaving about 6.5-7% for us.


This will be from your cards pulled in our breaks. Our goal is to have your card listed within a few hours after the break. All listings are 3-day auctions and will be scheduled for nighttime.




  1. If you would like your cards from a break cosigned on eBay, send an email right after the break. We will have your card(s) listed within 24 hours.

  2. Having your cards listed immediately gives you the best chance of return on investment especially new releases.  

  3. You will be able to track your eBay auctions on ChoiceCardBreaks eBay page by your last initials.

  4. Once your item has been paid for, we will send payment PayPal friends and family or can work out another method of payment if need be.


Lastly, please realize that eBay's return policy is very strict, we have returns off BUT still items have been returned. If your item is returned and re-listed and sells for less / more, you will be notified.